We are a reliable, professional and respectful team of tradesmen and handymen, located in Lower Merion and the Main Line.At HomeRepairDoctor.net we provide preventive-repair services and remodeling/additions for the residential home owner. By placing your call now, we can schedule a service technician to visit your home to discuss your repair needs. In fact, on many occasions our qualified handymen can quickly assess the repair and promptly complete the work.

Your Mainline Handyman

First  Aid For The Home


HomeRepairDoctor.net is comprised of a number of different contracting professionals. Our service technicians may be well versed in a number of different areas of home repair, from plumbing to electrical to light carpentry. A HomeRepairDoctor.net handyman is a qualified repair professional which serves a valuable purpose through versatility.
The benefits to calling a HomeRepairDoctor.net service technician when your home needs either a minor fix-up or a major repair, is first and most obviously, versatility, which means that at HomeRepairDoctor.net we'll be able to address repairs and improvements in many different areas of your home. We can in fact act as your one stop repair call in many cases, handling a stuck drain, a squeaky door, and dead outlet all in one trip. This, in turn, will save you a great deal of time and money versus calling in a number of different electricians or plumbers to deal with relatively minor problems given their level of expertise.
Beyond the basic ease of having one person for multiple repairs, our repair people are able to diagnose problems that may exist in different areas of the house before they become problems.
A trained, versatile all-encompassing HomeRepairDoctor.net repair person will be able to look out for minor (or perhaps even potentially serious) problems throughout the house in the course of their assigned repair. They can then make the repair themselves, or call in the specific professional needed to fix the issue before it becomes an emergency. 
For remodeling improvements beyond your capability but well below what a traditional contractor could do, HomerepairDoctor.net will be able to do the job simply and inexpensively and you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly the first time.
The next time you find yourself in need of a good repair person for your home's problems, don't begin your search by looking for a specialist. Instead, consider a qualified, experienced HomeRepairDoctor.net handyman in your area today.

Remember, we are like a good toolbox or a Swiss army knife, finding someone you can trust is a simple way of knowing that you have something you can count on when you need it.